Version 3.1.0 Released

New features only this time:

Touch ID to unlock, SHA256 signatures in new certificates, import profiles for archived decryption keys, and a monospace font for the key password display.

Thanks for your feedback and input for improvements. 

Version 3.0.1 Released

A correction for compatibility with Mozilla Thunderbird was made:

Certificate serial numbers should not have the leading bit set to 1, otherwise Mozilla apps crash or refuse to set trust levels. 

Thanks for a user for finding and reporting this issue. 

Version 3.0 Released

+++ Encrypt your documents locally and in iCloud: +++

Just use the “share with” or “open in” action of your document and select “Encrypt in And You And I”. A local copy of the file will be encrypted with AES, and uploaded to iCloud if turned on. Each document gets its unique and encrypted file name.

+++ Enable S/MIME for your iOS devices easily: +++

Generate strong keys and certificates, and distribute them via mails with your communication partners.

+++ Security in your hands: +++

Only your own device and your own iCloud account are used. No other services or parties are involved. The encryption related source code is published in this blog.

+++ This free app is powered by your feedback: +++

If you like it, add your review in the App Store.
If not or in case of technical problems, visit my blog and look for support, or send me a mail.

Version 2.1 Released

Last weekend, the new version was published.

Thanks for all the positive reviews so far.

Questions and problem reports are welcome, preferably as e-mails, see my contact page in this blog.