Source Code Released

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Version 3.2.0 Released

Just one new feature: a password generator with pattern lock style master password interface. Based on the popular SuperGenPass web tool, you can derive all passwords from the web address, mail address, or an other identifier and your master password, using MD5 or HMAC SHA3-512 algorithms. All operations are done locally. The last identifier is stored locally. 

You can launch the tool by touching the new # icon (and close it by swiping left or right in the lower pane). Enter some identifier which has a password accociated, like a web site address or an email address. Then draw your pattern in one go.

Two visualizers help you to make sure it’s the right pattern for the desired identifier: the left icon is a hash of your pattern, the right one of the generated password. 

Two passwords are calculated. First the classical SuperGenPass compatible MD5 hash, second an HMAC SHA3-512 value. 

Make sure your pattern is not too short, as the resulting master password is containing only the numbers 1 to 9. This is of course a serious limitation that only makes sense with 20 or more digits. Be creative when choosing patterns. 

You may also enter any textual master password manually, just tap any pattern field to show this field. 

iOS 10.3 Solved “Issue with iOS 8”

The missing implicit trust to your own S/MIME encryption certificate seems to be solved. A test with iOS 10.3 was successful. Seems you can import your fresh AYAI keys and certificates, turn on S/MIME encryption (and signatures) for your  mail account, and start sending encrypted mails, also to yourself.

Version 3.1.1 Released

Some smaller improvements:

All left swipe menu buttons now show a text label in addition to the icon; certificates large view now show valid from and valid to dates; the first access to contacts comes with a comprehensive explanation why the app wants to read them. 

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Version 3.1.0 Released

New features only this time:

Touch ID to unlock, SHA256 signatures in new certificates, import profiles for archived decryption keys, and a monospace font for the key password display.

Thanks for your feedback and input for improvements. 

Version 3.0.1 Released

A correction for compatibility with Mozilla Thunderbird was made:

Certificate serial numbers should not have the leading bit set to 1, otherwise Mozilla apps crash or refuse to set trust levels. 

Thanks for a user for finding and reporting this issue. 

Version 3.0 Released

+++ Encrypt your documents locally and in iCloud: +++

Just use the “share with” or “open in” action of your document and select “Encrypt in And You And I”. A local copy of the file will be encrypted with AES, and uploaded to iCloud if turned on. Each document gets its unique and encrypted file name.

+++ Enable S/MIME for your iOS devices easily: +++

Generate strong keys and certificates, and distribute them via mails with your communication partners.

+++ Security in your hands: +++

Only your own device and your own iCloud account are used. No other services or parties are involved. The encryption related source code is published in this blog.

+++ This free app is powered by your feedback: +++

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