Version 3.0 Released

+++ Encrypt your documents locally and in iCloud: +++

Just use the “share with” or “open in” action of your document and select “Encrypt in And You And I”. A local copy of the file will be encrypted with AES, and uploaded to iCloud if turned on. Each document gets its unique and encrypted file name.

+++ Enable S/MIME for your iOS devices easily: +++

Generate strong keys and certificates, and distribute them via mails with your communication partners.

+++ Security in your hands: +++

Only your own device and your own iCloud account are used. No other services or parties are involved. The encryption related source code is published in this blog.

+++ This free app is powered by your feedback: +++

If you like it, add your review in the App Store.
If not or in case of technical problems, visit my blog and look for support, or send me a mail.


Version 2.1.1 Released

This release fixes a crash when iCloud Drive was disabled for this app. 

Version 2.1 Released

Last weekend, the new version was published.

Thanks for all the positive reviews so far.

Questions and problem reports are welcome, preferably as e-mails, see my contact page in this blog.

Version 2.1 Afoot

Version 2.1 will support 32 and 64 bit architectures, as required by Apple.

An archived key can be restored back to an identity.

Loading the own profile in Safari via iCloud will be improved.

And a bug in ID password changes of archives will be fixed.

That´s all for now.

OpenSSL Sample Code

For those who work on a similar project, there´s some snippets from AYAI in page Source Code, dealing with RSA key and X.509 certificate generation with OpenSSL. It´s just for illustration purposes, not for copy and paste.