Version 2.1.1 Released

This release fixes a crash when iCloud Drive was disabled for this app. 


Off Topic: Sand picture from Vietnam

Last week, I met friends from Vietnam who were in Germany for a few days. They surprised me with this gorgeous handmade sand picture. It took a week to do it, they said.


Version 2.1 Released

Last weekend, the new version was published.

Thanks for all the positive reviews so far.

Questions and problem reports are welcome, preferably as e-mails, see my contact page in this blog.

Version 2.1 Afoot

Version 2.1 will support 32 and 64 bit architectures, as required by Apple.

An archived key can be restored back to an identity.

Loading the own profile in Safari via iCloud will be improved.

And a bug in ID password changes of archives will be fixed.

That´s all for now.

OpenSSL Sample Code

For those who work on a similar project, there´s some snippets from AYAI in page Source Code, dealing with RSA key and X.509 certificate generation with OpenSSL. It´s just for illustration purposes, not for copy and paste.

(Solved) Issue with iOS 8

Bad news: In iOS 8, certificates sent in a mobile profile are not automatically installed for encryption. While the own private key is properly used, you will not be able to encrypt for a recipient or even yourself.

There is a workaround: Get a signed mail from your partner, tap on the sender name or address in this mail, and you get a dialog where you can install the certificate manually. Now you can encrypt for this partner. Apple provides a step-by-step guide in; don´t be confused by the outdated UI, it´s still working.